Plum Case | 5G Ready Plum SAT III with FIPS 140-2 | PLM-SAT-III-051

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Plum Case. 5G Ready Plum SAT III with FIPS 140-2 | PLM-SAT-III-051. FIPS 140-2 compliant, 5G ready - ability to connect to satellite (may be used while moving) if mobile carriers are not available, allow 128 concurrent users on LTE and approximately 6 concurrent users on Satellite -contains TWO 50,000 mAh power banks.

Iridium Certus Satellite Failover

Like the Plum SAT II™, this case also uses cellular and satellite to create a network for mission critical situations. Powerful technology allows entire teams to connect through cellular proven to work in extremely remote locations, with the added assurance of the internal IRIDIUM satellite as a backup for cellular so you can always communicate.

Connectivity Through Cellular

We packed the tech of our most popular mission critical case in the Plum SAT III™ so you can have cellular connectivity nearly anywhere. The highly sensitive antennas and gateway utilizing two cellular carriers creates a coverage area so wide, that it provides high speed internet and voice communications even in remote and disaster areas. The network will support up to 128 simultaneous devices across 4 secure SSIDs, so you can assign different networks to different teams.

Satellite Security

Mission critical operations need the guarantee of connectivity. The internal Iridium satellite dish will give you that added assurance, while keeping costs low. It will only be "turned on" after being positions, so you won't have unexpected charges from accidental usage. Extremely easy to use, all you have to do is position the dish by tilting it.

The Iridium Certus dish connects to a low orbiting satellite (485 miles), is BGAN Based, and has 364Kbps up/364 Kbps down.

Difficult to Damage

The SAT III was built for mission critical use. It is housed inside a military grade, ruggedized case. It is waterproof, crush proof, and impact resistant. The antennas are also molecularly bonded to the case to prevent them from breaking. The satellite is fixed inside this military grade case so it is protected and easily portable.